±0 removes the framework of such product categories as household electronics goods and household goods and treats them all as a single lifestyle tool. For example, when thinking of bread for breakfast, we also think about the toaster, the plate and the bread basket that go with it. When thinking about situations where coffee is prepared, we also think about electric pots, coffee drippers and decanters. Household electric goods and household items are not devices that stand by themselves in our lives– they exist in a state of mutual harmony. ±0 believes that designing things that coexist together is natural. It’s not just about matching colors or shapes; it’s about designing the harmony between these devices and life.

“Just right”
The ±0 brand is something of a symbol signifying “just right”.
People naturally try to determine what implements best suit their own lives through their daily experiences. This is a behavior whereby you search for things you yourself like.
It’s something like the scope of the vacillations in your preferences gradually getting narrower, swinging to the right and then going back to the left, going too far back and swinging back towards the right again.

A shape that is “just right”
We create shapes that can be used for a long time, that, while loosely following the trends or the lifestyle of the time, are not swayed too much by fashion.

A size that is “just right”
Things are on the small size. We seek that feeling of comfort that comes from returning to an appropriate size from thoughts of being too greedy in terms of size.

A price that is “just right”
We aim for prices that are affordable, the kinds of prices that are within your reach at the time you want an item.

As their name suggests, ±0 products seek to be at the center of the vacillations in people’s preferences. They seek to be in the middle of people’s conflicting desires, to be the happy medium.